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It finally happened! Not that this is a surprise to most of you, but we are getting married in July! We are very excited and can't wait to share this amazing event with all of you! We hope you are able to join us for the start of our new life together.

This website will be your resource for any information about our wedding and hopefully will help you plan your travel to Maine. We will keep it up to date with all information for our big day. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with us, please reach out. We look forward to seeing you in Maine!

- Taryn & David

Okay, you clicked on this tab, so you asked for it!

Somehow, I can remember it like it was yesterday. I don't know if it was because it was a shining moment in high school, or if somewhere in me I knew I would never be the same person again after I met David.

We met like most 15 year olds do, standing in the bleachers at a high school game, more specifically a soccer game. It was spring and I was there to cheer on a girlfriend that was playing. If you know me, you know I can cheer a bit too loud. I was cheering (screaming I am sure) loud enough to be mocked by a pair of boys eating cupcakes on the bleachers behind me. I only remember turning around with the sassiness of any 10th grader, whipping my hair around to serve up a big "don't make fun of me" when I first saw David. Dark, curly soccer shag hair, his awesome pointed eyebrows and that huge goofy smile. I was hooked! He might as well of been Brad Pitt by the way my heart melted at that moment in time. You never forget that feeling, the one that starts at your feet and grows hot all the way up you until your stomach turns to all butterflies. The distinct ending to this first exchange was David giving me the plastic ring that was stuck in his cupcake. I like to think he knew then that he was going to replace that ring with a nicer one later on down the road…

After our initial meeting, it was awkward hellos at other soccer games and during school. I would purposely leave home room late just so that I would pass him in the hall. Sometime during the next summer of soccer pick-up games & group movie nights we fell in love like two 15 year olds do. On July 1st, I was at the end of his driveway waiting for my mother to pick me up and he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes, and our relationship grew from there.

We dated throughout the rest of my high school years and into my freshman year at Georgia Tech. He accompanied me to a few of my sorority events, and eventually he ended up picking Georgia Tech as well. It could have been for the scholarships or the great IE program, but I like to believe he couldn't stand being apart from me.

From there, we have done so much together. Lots of fraternity and sorority parties, dances, concerts in the city, tons of football games ending in Wing Nuts. We vacationed and enjoyed the blissfulness of college to its fullest. David coached the ADPi soccer team, and I played the role of Crescent Girl for the boys of Lambda Chi. We joined Student Center, Faset, and Ambassadors, and were always up for a late night indoor soccer pick-up match. Throughout it all we had each other.

My senior year David presented me with his Lavalier. You would have thought he proposed by how excited I was! I enjoyed telling my sorority sisters at a candle lighting ceremony while David got to enjoy being "treed" in honor of giving me his letters.

The semester after I graduated, David was working abroad and we were able to enjoy a European adventure in Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. I had never traveled abroad before, and my first few minutes in a foreign country were spent on a bench alone! Shortly after my arrival, David came running up with a bouquet of flowers and it was the most romantic Valentine's Day since.

I started working full time in the fall while David enjoyed his senior year, which meant at the same time that I got to enjoy another senior year as well. It was nice to transition together and I was fortunate to find a great job that I enjoy in the city. We enjoyed a lot of date nights around the city and really got to know and enjoy being yuppies.

Our Engagement

After 9 amazing years of dating, David finally popped the question by surprise in Charleston, South Carolina. While dating, David and I had really grown to love Charleston. We would go for the beach, the Jump Little Children concerts, and the food. So when David told me he wanted to go to Charleston for his birthday, I didn't question his intentions at all. I made reservations and planned activities for us to enjoy while we were there over Memorial Day Weekend. The weekend in Charleston went just as I planned. We played on the beach, ate good food, and kayaked around the harbor.

The last night we had reservations at Magnolias. We had gotten ready a little early, so David suggested (after I did a wardrobe change because he didn't care for the dress I wanted to wear that night) we head down to the battery to walk around before dinner. Every time we go to Charleston, David takes me down to the battery, so I again didn't think anything of him wanting to go. It was that perfect time of day when the sun is just right to cast warm shadows on everyone. I love this time of day, and it was a gorgeous evening.

He grabbed my hand and we started walking around the outskirts of the park. We slowly walked, watching the boats in the harbor and talking about nothing. Then we crossed the street and continued our way into the park. As we got close to the center where there is a pavilion, I look up. I see ahead of me the pavilion is decorated with a ribbon tied across the stairs, rose petals everywhere and a vase of roses. From past experiences, I have noticed flower petals here and knew it must be a popular romantic spot. David had gone quiet, so I jokingly say, "I bet someone is getting engaged or married here!" Who knows exactly what I said because as soon as the words were out of my mouth, David said nothing but continued his stride towards the pavilion, and I knew it was him! It's the oddest feeling knowing THIS IS IT; the moment I have been dreaming about for 9 years! He led me up the stairs. People in the park all stopped to watch. He said the sweetest words to me, and before I knew it, he had dropped to his knee. He did ask me to marry him, though I don't really know if I actually said yes. There was immediate hugging and kissing. The by-standers then started cheering, and I gave them a parade wave. He did so great! I was surprised as I had always wanted! The ring is perfect and everything I could ever hope for.

We took a few moments to recoup and then headed to the car to continue our evening at our dinner reservations.

We decided to not tell anyone and enjoy the whole night to ourselves to enjoy this moment in time. It was so great. I think I stared at my ring all through dinner! It was perfect.

On our way home the next day we got to enjoy telling most of our family members in person which was really special as well.

It is amazing to me that we have grown up with each other. From a high school crush on the moppy-haired soccer kid to the man who has kept my heart.

We have been so blessed to have such a rich life with each other over the past decade. We have really gotten to know ourselves, and each other, and find our joint path in life. We are lucky enough that our paths crossed, not to mention become one. This next chapter of our lives has been a long time coming and we can't wait to celebrate it with you. We look forward to celebrating our marriage with family and friends on July 7th, 10 years after we first started our journey together.

Friday, July 6:

Join us that evening for a Welcome Party at Eight O'clock at Cherrystones (185 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME) in Bar Harbor for drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

Saturday, July 7:

Wedding Ceremony at The Saltair Inn at 4:30pm
Ceremony followed by dinner and dancing on the Beach at the Ericson's Summer Cottage: 15 Coles Cove Rd. Bar Harbor, Maine. From the Saltair Inn, turn right onto route 3, then turn right onto Sand Point Rd and follow the signs to the beach.
Map to Wedding
Map to Reception

Those who might be around for Independance Day:

If you find that your plans put you in town on the 4th of July, know that you will not be disappointed by the island. Each little harbor village does their own thing, and Bar Harbor has a day full of events.

The town starts the day with Blueberry Pancake breakfast, usually down on the ballpark. Most restaurants do breakfast, and even some have spots along the parade route so you can eat and watch.

At about 10 am the town puts on a parade stocked with "vintage" cartoon character costumes from the 1970s, marching shriners, park volunteers, speeding go carts, pet rescues, boyscouts, girlscouts, and the theatre crew to advertise their latest play. They finish the parade with a lobsterman with the most wicked northern accent to tell everyone to head back to the ballpark for a steamed lobster lunch and the traditional lobster races. We usually go for a hike and a swim in the afternoon.

Once the sun sets, get ready for fireworks down off the wharf in town. We usually bring big blankets and lay on the lawn in front of the Bar Harbor Inn. We will save you a spot if you are coming!

We decided to get married in Maine because it is our favorite place to be together. David and I love the hiking, family time, swimming in the crisp lakes, and taking in the views from every corner of this island. I grew up spending my summers on Mt. Desert Island. It has so much meaning for my family and it is a Independence Day tradition for us all to get together on the coast. We know its a trek up here, but we think it will be well worth your time.

The island has so much to offer that David and I, in Frommer's fashion, have made a list of our island "favorites." This way you can enjoy the island the same way we do each summer.

The people downeast are beyond nice, so you will feel at home no matter what small town you venture to in Maine.

Harbors on the Island:

For a good driving tour of the island, You can always just visit the harbor towns on the island. Going clockwise around the island.

Mount Desert Island, Maine map

Bar Harbor:

This is the largest town on the island. There are a lot of things to do in this town. There is a park in the middle of the town. Plenty of good restaurants and shops, both boutiques and tourist shops.

Seal Harbor:

The smallest harbor town, Seal Harbor has a great little beach here where Taryn's grandmother grew up. Martha Stewart lives here.

Northeast Harbor:

Northeast Harbor is a little town. There is a little strip of stores and a few restaurants here. Beautiful harbor filled with some of the nicest boats around the island!


Somesound is the only natural fjord in the eastern United States. Its another nice little harbor to drive through and enjoy the views.

Southwest Harbor:

Southwest Harbor is moderately sized. We always stop and get ice cream and walk down on the docks. There is a pita shop that has sandwiches and coffees for a mid-day pick me up. There are quiet a few restaurants and little stores to enjoy here. I love the Moody Mermaid Boutique on the main strip.

Bass Harbor:

Bass Harbor is really only known for its lighthouse. It's a must see of course. We like to go for sunset down the the lighthouse, then over to Bernard Lobster Pound for the best steamed lobster and blueberry spiced cake. The deck hangs over the water. It's the perfect end to a Maine day.

National Park Sites:

There are a ton of things to see! Most people buy the park pass and ride the Park Loop. David and I have our own list of must sees:

Otter Cliffs:

Beautiful. Great tide pulls for finding crabs and star fish at low tide. On a windy or rough day the waves crash on the rocks making some great photos.

Thunder Hole:

One of the most recognized places on the island. If you take a drive on the Park Loop road, this a definite place to stop.

Sand Beach:

Only sand beach on the island. It is squished between two mountains on the right side of the island. Great Head is a great, pretty easy, and shorter trail with some great views that can be accesses from Sand Beach. The trail is worth doing first and then walking down to the beach to put your feet in the water.

Cadillac Mountain:

It is a must see when on the island. You can hike up (takes about half a day) or drive up. You can see Bar Harbor and the Porcupine Islands, then if you walk around a bit, you can see down to Eagle Lake and even into the mainland. The mountain top is the first place the sun touches the United States each day. A lot of people like to drive up for a sunrise, if you are an early riser that is. At night we have gone many a time to look at the stars on a clear night. The moonlight hits the water and the island seems to be aglow. Warning though, it is windy and cold up there at night, so bring a blanket and a jacket.

Jordan Pond:

One of my favorite spots because of a great restaurant on one end, great trail (Bubble Rock) on the other, and a nice flat trail all the way around the pond.


Seawall is made up of very rounded rocks. The sound of the ocean pulling in and out is magical. If you are lucky, you will probably see a few sailboats, birds and maybe a seal or two.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse:

It's a must see, but it is just a lighthouse. Go see it, grab a photo, and move on! Recommend dropping by at sunset; if you do you won't be alone, though.

Acadia is just beautiful, try to spend as much time outside as possible. While Taryn and I have done lots and lots of stuff on the island, half the fun is just exploring, having no agenda and just doing. If you want our advice here is it; if not, just go explore.

Hiking (listed from easiest to most difficult):

Shore Path (1.0 miles): This is really just a walk along the shore right around the town of Bar Harbor. See some nice houses on the water and a great view of Bar Island.

Greathead (1.4 miles): Adjacent to Sand Beach, Greathead is a perfect spot for an intermediate hike. It has fantastic ocean views, moderate terrain, and a pretty minimal climb.

Bubble Rock (1.0 miles): Hike this short trail to the top of North Bubble and have an amazing view.

Beech Mountain (1.2 miles): This trail is a moderate incline to the top of Beech Mountain which has an old fire tower on the top.

St. Sauveur (1.2 miles): This hike ends with a great view looking over Somesound, but it is a climb to get there. A couple of very steep and rocky patches that may only be comfortable for those used to hiking.

Beehive (0.8 miles): This short trail is mostly vertical. The top of Beehive overlooks Sand Beach. It features tight, rocky trails, some requiring ladders and metal bars to pull yourself up. A fun climb, just not for those afraid of heights.

Precipice (1.6 miles): As its name indicates, this trail is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Make sure you are ready for a good workout here as you climb this mountain via ladders and open cliff ledges. This trail is often closed as it's a habitat for endangered falcons.

Echo Lake: On a hot day, take a hike and then stop by to take a dip in the lake. You won't be the only one enjoying the refreshing water on a sunny day.

Long Pond ledges: For more adventurous swimmers, Long Pond is a very short hike to rock ledges that offer a fun (scary for some) cliff to jump into the cold water. For those not interested in the jump there is a rope swing at water level.

Bar Island: Visible from Bar Harbor, you can drive (or walk) over to Bar Island when the tide is low. Once there be mindful of the tim;, don't get stuck with the rising tide.

Carriage Roads: Any of the carriage roads are great for a simple walk or a nice bike ride. You can rent bikes downtown and take them into the park or any other location.

Eagle Lake (~6.0 miles): A recommended bike ride or long walk on the carriage roads. The trail offers a 360 degree view as it circles Eagle Lake. Along with the complete view comes one long hill that's sure to get your heart rate up.

Sea Kayaking: http://www.acadiafun.com/

No experience required, but you will want to be in shape to paddle for several miles. Take a guided tour; multiple places downtown offer this service that lasts a couple of hours and is a great way to see the island from the water. It's very common to see all sorts of wildlife. We have seen seals, porpoises, osprey, eagles and more.

The dock downtown:

Lots of yachts and great for people watching down there. Also, most of the tourist boats leave from down there.

Whale Watching: http://www.barharborwhales.com/

The Margaret Todd: http://www.downeastwindjammer.com/
Great for a romantic boat ride around the Porcupine Island. Recommend the sunset cruise. The ride is BYOB, so enjoy!

Lobster Boat ride: http://www.lululobsterboat.com/

I am sure there are even more tours.

The perfect Maine day to me would be a morning run or bike ride around Eagle Lake, followed by a large breakfast at Cafe This Way. Then onto a nice hike up the Bubble Rock. After enjoying the view of Jordan Pond, hike down and drive just down the road to the Jordan Pond House for popovers, lobster roll, and an ice cappuccino on the lawn.

Then into Southwest Harbor to enjoy the harbor and some light shopping and an ice cream. Then you must go take a dive into one of the crisp lakes on the island! You will LOVE it! It's so refreshing and clean. It's wonderful. Then with a quick change of clothes at home, head back out in time to see the sunset past the lighthouse in Bass Harbor. We usually then head over the Bernard Lobster Pound to enjoy a fresh steamed lobster and some blueberry spiced cake while looking out over the harbor.

I always end a day in Bar Harbor. Most the shops stay open later so you can enjoy a late evening stroll down Main Street. Walk around browsing the stores and of course stopping once more for my favorite scoop of Ben & Bills! If you are still not tired, try to end the night with a blanket under the stars on top of Cadillac Mountain.

That was a bit of an over-zealous day, but at least try to do all those things at least once while you are here.

Maine's weather is ever-changing. Sometimes the morning will be cold rainy and by the afternoon the sun is out and it's in the 80s! So pack a bit of everything, because the wedding day might require rainboots & jackets or sunglasses and a nice sundress!

  1. Workout gear for hiking, biking, and walking. Acadia has too much to do for you not to get a little sweaty.
  2. Rain gear: Never know when the sky is going to open up. The weather is quite erratic on the island; we recommend always having a rain jacket or umbrella.
  3. Swimsuit: The lakes feel way too good for you not to take at least one dip. And if you are brave enough, you can always chance the deep blue sea.
  4. Sweaters: Always need these in the evenings in Maine. Once the sun sets, the temperature can really drop.
  5. Shorts: Some days do get really warm and air conditioning is uncommon up north, so bring layers!
  6. Jeans: Duh.
  7. Something dressy: Sunday best to wear to our wedding. We will be dressed to impress! Taryn has dibs on white.
  8. Shoes: Athletic shoes for activities, flip flops for the beach, flats for walking around town, heels for the ceremony, and anything between.
  9. A good jacket: You might never put it on or you might end up wearing it every night. We will know more once it gets closer, but for now, bring your favorite jacket.

There are 5 main options for getting to Bar Harbor:

  1. Drive: Yes, it can be done. You will be able to enjoy approximately 24 hours of driving up the Eastern coast of the USA.
  2. Fly into Bangor, ME (BGR): This is probably the easiest and the way we get there. Once you land, grab a rental car and it's a one hour drive to the island.
  3. Fly into Portland, ME (PWM): For those who want to explore the coast of Maine and make a trip out of it, this is for you. If you fly into Portland you can cruise Highway 1 straight up the coast and go through the small towns like Freeport, Camden, Rockport, and Bucksport. Take your time and make the trip over 2 days or drive direct on the interstate in about 3 hours.
  4. Fly into Boston, MA (BOS): The closest major airport, Boston is a 5 hour drive to the island. Boston could also be coupled with a trip through the small towns of Maine.
  5. Fly into Hancock County / Bar Harbor Airport (BHB): While this is closest airport to the island, this regional airport is probably the most difficult to arrange rides in and out of, but is an option.


Below is a list of hotel blocks we have put together. Feel free to use these blocks or find lodging on your own. We have kept a list of hotels on the island if you want to look around on your own. All wedding blocks are under Ericson/Schwartz Wedding. We can add rooms to the block if needed. Please drop us an email if you need any help.

Bar Harbor Grand Hotel:
• $235 a night
• Continental Breakfast
• Non Smoking Facility
• 3 Night Minimum because of the holiday
• Do require a deposit
• Must reserve by end of May
• 10 rooms reserved


Acadia Inn:
• $189 a night
• Continental Breakfast
• Must reserve by May 4, 2012
• 10 rooms reserved


Bluenose Inn - Stenna Nordica Building:
• 5 rooms at $179 Double Beds. First floor
• 5 rooms at $206 King Bed. Third floor.
• 2 Night minimum
• Must reserve by May 6, 2012


Other Hotels:

Bar Harbor Inn:

Harborside Hotel:

Fairfield Inn:


Rental Agency:

If interested in renting a home for the week, we would recommend the Knowles Company.

Knowles Company:

There are great restaurants all over the island. Most not too fancy, but that's not our style anyway. Here is a rundown of restaurants we know and love:

Jordan Pond House - The only restaurant located in Acadia National Park, it's always busy and it is a tourist hot-spot, but for good reason. The food is good here regardless of when you go, but we recommend a late afternoon lunch or just stop in for a snack. Try any of their lemonades and do not miss the popovers. If you have a sweet tooth, upgrade to a popover a la mode.

Rosalie's Pizza - This is about as simple as it gets. Rosalie's is nothing more than really good pizza. Grab it to go and eat in the park or grab an upstairs table by the window and watch the tourists below.

Cafe-This-Way - If you like a good breakfast, you may eat here every morning. If you come at peak times, prepare to wait, but honestly it's worth it. Taryn recommends the Monte Cristo and I would go for the any of the Benedicts, the Harney, or the Big Breakfast Sandwich. So basically, everything on the menu is good.

McKay's Public House - Someone's old home converted to a restaurant. The atmosphere of McKay's is our favorite. Classic upscale pub fare with some local variations.

Parkside (on the Green) - This is where Taryn worked during her summers in Maine. Great location, situated so you can overlook the park in Bar Harbor. Features classic Maine dishes and good spot to grab a drink.

Guiness & Portelli's - If you are craving Italian food, here is your place. Located near Parkside, this is just good food.

Havana - In the interest of full disclosure, Taryn and I haven't even been here. If you are looking for something unique this may be what you want. It's fine dining with heavy Latin influence.

Bernard Lobster Pound - Go for the lobster, the view, and nothing else. This is a small spot on the far side of the island, but worth the cross-island journey. Pair it with a trip to Seawall and the lighthouse.

Ice cream: Not sure what it is, but ice cream is better in Maine.

On your way on to the island there is a chance to have David's favorite ice cream in the world (tops real Italian gelato). The small shack of a place is Blueberry Hill and it is technically located in between Ellsworth & Trenton. Regardless of how good it sounds get the soft serve twist of Coffee & black raspberry; it's amazing.

Once on the island there are two places we endorse:

Ben & Bills - This is probably the most popular dessert location on the island. This small place often has a line out the door; it's ok, moves fast and worth the wait. Once inside it looks like a scene from Willy Wonka. There is tons to choose from and you can't really go wrong if you like sweets.

Jordan Pond Ice Cream (located downtown - not part of the restaurant) - has a much more limited selection of ice cream, but we think this ice cream is a bit better.

Allie and I have been close since the beginning. Growing up, my parents always separated us into the "big girls" (the older three) and the "little girls" (Allison and I). Allison has always been my partner in crime. I think I played Barbies with Allison until I was able to drive a car. Allie has always been there for me and will always be. She's my relaxed, funny, baby sister and now my maid of honor.

Jay and I can thank our sisters for introducing us back in middle school. Immediately, we became friends. Sharing a similar birthday, we cohosted birthday parties at each other's homes. During high school we were sent to rival schools, but we remained close friends. Since Jay moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech, we have been best friends. Jay is the resident adventure guide; he has a passion for the outdoors. As an Eagle Scout, Jay can do it all: hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, rafting, and I am the benefactor of his skills. Jay is my best man for so many reasons, but mostly because I consider him a brother.

Here you can find the random assortment of items that David and I see filling our home for years to come. Now, each item was battled out, so know it is here for a purpose! Thank you all again for being part of our lives and helping us put together a home worth celebrating in.


We decided on Bloomingdales for our department store needs. We found china we both loved here, pots and pans to make the food to go on the china, and all the odds and ends needed to really have the kitchen we have been looking forward to for years. Don't worry; plenty of entertaining to come!


As you might know, we are both do-it-ourselfers, crafters, and artists of sorts, so we would love to start our woodshop, which is why we decided on Sears. We really need and want power tools! Who doesn't need a table saw from time to time?!

Restoration Hardware

We found bedding that we both not only agreed on, but that we both liked at Restoration Hardware! We loved it, so we registered here for just a few things.


Myregistry.com is a catch-all of things we couldn't find at the other stores. We have such an odd taste and love for so many random things that we decided to use this site in hopes of letting you all know what we like. Most are items from West Elm, Anthropologie, and some other small stores I learned about through work. This site compiles onesy twosy items from a variety of sources into one spot. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos Taryn & David Photos

We are excited to share this experience with all of you, so please don't hesitate to touch base with us. If you have a question, need some travel advice, or just want to catch up we would love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. Or you can send us an email at blueberriesandlobster@gmail.com.

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